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BRIDAL HAIR - Mother of the Bride

How important are these special ladies?! Without them there would be no wedding!

Throughout the craziness of the wedding morning, the MOB helps to organise/delegate jobs, bring a good vibe to the room and helps her daughter into her dress. She definitely deserves to be pampered and feel her best, which is why I love styling their hair on the morning of their daughter’s wedding day.

Many MOB’s are sceptical about having their hair styled on the wedding day and are usually the most indecisive amongst the bridal party. They tend to be a creature of habit and lack confidence in trying something new. This is where I like to encourage/reassure that I can either try something different or for me to create something they are certain to be comfortable with. If in doubt, there is always time for the MOB to have a trial!

As with everyone else in the bridal party, the style chosen for the MOB will depend on her outfit, hair length, texture, accessories and any insecurities she may have. I feel I am particularly mindful when it comes to self-confidence as I myself prefer to have more volume in my hairstyles and like to frame my face.

So, to all the Mother of the brides, we want you to feel special because we love you!

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