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BRIDAL HAIR - the magic is in the prep!

Dirty hair myth:

It is a myth that your hair styles better when it is greasy! Greasy hair is lank, lacks volume and sticks together, making styling extremely difficult and impossible to get the desired look. You need the right texture to style hair and this can be achieved using the correct products, adding moisture, grip and shine where necessary.

This means your wedding hair stylist will need clean, product free hair to work with. Your stylist may ask you to apply a mousse after your hair wash, or she may not. The products you use and how you apply them will play a big part in getting the perfect hair for your wedding day, so you really should take the advice from your stylist.

Your part to play in the prep:

Once you have washed your hair, you should blow dry the hair smooth, with as much volume as possible but do not further style the hair (straighten or curl) unless your stylist asks you to do so. The reason for this is you may flatten the cuticles, lost volume and hinder the texture of the hair for the style you want to achieve. After you have washed and blow dried your hair, your part of the prep is done, and you can leave the rest to your stylist. So even if you have extremely unruly hair, and once blow dried it is frizzy, just leave it until your stylist arrives.

The schedule:

Personally, I like to style the bride’s hair last so that she has had time to have her make up done and her hair is fresh when she walks down the aisle. Usually, I prep the bride’s hair first so when the photographer arrives, she has had something done for the photos, then all that is left to do at the end of the morning is the style. This does of course vary with styles, the amount of time there is and how many ladies there are to get ready.

The routine of having the bride’s hair prepped at the beginning usually works really well with the having their makeup done, as it is much easier when the MUA is able to rest her hand on their head and clip back hair out of the face without worrying about ruining the hairstyle. However, when using different hair and makeup artists, make sure they are happy with the plan as you want everything to run smoothly on the wedding morning!

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