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BRIDAL HAIR - let's talk bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are usually close friends/family members of the bride. Whether there is only one or 10 bridesmaids, they have a huge role in the wedding from planning, to the big day.

Typical duties of a bridesmaid:

· Organise hen party

· Help shop for wedding dress

· Wear what the bride wants her to

· Attend pre-wedding planning events

· Buy a wedding gift

· Get along with other bridal party members

· Help choose / give opinion on details when asked

· Calm nerves of the bride in the morning

· Help bride go to the toilet in her dress

· Be up dancing at the reception

I have come across different approaches when it comes to the bridesmaid’s hairstyles. Some brides have total control of how their bridesmaids look and wear their hair, and other brides are more relaxed, giving the bridesmaids a choice or complete decision. As a close friend to the bride, usually they are in agreement / respect whichever way the bride decides to approach this situation, however I have witnessed some rather awkward conversations to do with this!

As with the bride, the bridesmaid’s hairstyle depends on many factors including:

· Wedding theme

· Style/neckline of the dress

· Length and thickness of hair

· Hair colour

· Any insecurities she/they may have

· Accessories and/or jewellery planning on being worn

These factors considered, if there are multiple bridesmaids, it is extremely likely that the same hairstyle will look different on each maid. So, brides, be mindful of this if you are insistent on the girls looking the same, as the likelihood is, they will have differences anyway!

For bridesmaids, I prefer styles to be simple, pretty and elegant, leaving the detailed style to the star of the show (the bride of course)! The bridesmaid’s hair needs to be something I am able to create fairly quickly when there are multiple bridesmaids, especially when the venue opens for the bridal prep at a certain time, not leaving much time for styling.

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