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Styling tips - choosing the right brushes

The type and quality of the brushes you use on your hair have an exceptional impact on the condition of your hair and the end result of your style.

Detangling brushes

First of all, let’s all make sure we are using detangling brushes rather than using any old thing to rip out the knots and tangles in your hair! Detangling brushes glide through and over knots, preventing breakage.

My favourite detangling brushes

The brushes I use to do this are:

· Air motion detangler – for use on dry and wet hair including extensions, uses airshock absorption technology to detangle hair and is gentle on the scalp.

· The wet detangler tangle teezer hairbrush – although the name would assume it is for wet hair only, this brush can be used on dry hair also.

Both of these detangling brushes are equipped with a handle for ease of use.

Round brushes

A round brush is a popular choice for creating volume, bounce and curls when blow drying.

Olivia Garden’s ceramic +ion speed XL brushes are by far my favourite to use for a number of reasons including:

1. The large barrel means you can dry more hair at once, speeding up your blow dry by up to 25%

2. The brushes are lightweight causing less strain on your wrist than other brands

3. The nylon bristles reduce the static electricity of the hair, closing the cuticle layer, adding shine and protection

4. The ceramic barrel conducts an even distribution of heat from the hairdryer

5. The large holes create better airflow for a faster and more gentle blow dry

6. Feature a retractable sectioning pick, meaning you don’t need to swap between your comb and brush to section your hair throughout the blow dry

Olivia Garden ceramic + ion speed XL round brushes

Styling brushes

Denman styling brushes are good for hair that requires control. It is particularly effective at producing a smooth, soft blow dry with volume on curly hair types, and for defining wet curls.

Vent brushes

These types of brushes are amazing for a rapid blow dry, and to help add volume and lift. I would personally use this type of brush on shorter hair types using a wrap-dry technique to create body.

My favourite vent brushes are the Denman tunnel vent brush, as the chevron vents allow airflow to the root, accelerating drying time and the handle shape provides an easy grip.

Finishing brushes

The perfect for finishing brush for brushing out long hair is the Denman nylon and boar bristle brush. This brush is cushioned for a gentle action on the scalp, adds shine, refreshes the style, reduces frizz and gently detangles.

Denman professional brushes for styling and finishing
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