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STYLING - Down hairstyles

Many people opt to style their hair down for various events. But here are some ideas, which you may like to try to vary your down styles:

· Wavy hair

- hair can be waved all in the same direction and brushed out to create Hollywood waves

- Hair can be waved away from the face each side to create flattering, big bouncy waves

- Hair can be waved in all different directions to create beach waves

- Randomly select pieces of hair to wave in any direction, but leave some sections straight and brush together to give a more natural, textured look

· Curly hair

- Will reduce the hair length quite significantly

- Can be done using small tongs/irons for a tight curl look

- Can be done using a large tongs/irons to create a bouncier curl

· Straight

- Can bevel the straighteners for a more natural finish

- Can straighten hair dead straight for a sleek finish

· Bouncy

- Can be done using a hairdryer

- Can be achieved using straighteners/tongs

All of these styles can be made different by adding volume by backcombing and the use of products, made sleeker and shinier using smoothing products and shine sprays, made thicker by using extensions, made more interesting by adding accessories or even a simple tuck behind the ear(s).

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