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STYLING - hair up styles

There is something about hair up styles that just set an outfit off. Most up-dos are suitable for shoulder length hair and below, but it is amazing what extensions and a bit of padding can do for shorter hair!

What I love about hair up styles are that you can adapt them to make suitable for any event be it formal or casual, and the right accessories can make it look even more stunning.

Different types of styles include:

· Low styles

· Mid-height styles

· High styles

· Side styles

· Sleek styles

· Textured styles

· Undone styles

· Styles with volume

· Casual styles

· Formal styles

· Detailed styles

· Plain styles

Like all hairstyles, there are factors which need to be considered when deciding on a style including:

· The type of event

· The outfit / neckline

· Face shape

· Hair length / cut

· Thickness and texture of hair

· Insecurities she may have (for example covering the ears, or framing the face)

· Colour of the hair (multi-tonal hair will show off more detailed styles)

· Any accessories / jewellery you will be wearing.

I always suggest to my clients to have a browse on the internet / pinterest to collect a few ideas before a hair up appointment, even if you like one part of one style and another part of another. Not only will this make sure you are giving a clear description to your stylist, but hopefully it will indicate the theme you are leaning towards amongst the photos.

Browse my gallery for more inspo!

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