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Styling tips - tips and tricks for styling your own hair

Tying your hair up

· Make sure your hair is dry before tying up, as when hair is wet it is heavier, causing more strain on the hair follicles and the scalp

· Invest in telephone cable hair ties, they cause less tension on the hair and there is no elastic for the hair to get caught around. They are the cheapest from Primark, a 12 pack is just £1!

· To finish the look, hide your hairband by wrapping your hair around the hairband and gripping the hair in place.

· The best hair grips to keep your hair secure are the hair tools 2” waved grips, invest in these and you won't find your hair falling out of place every 2 seconds!

· When using hair grips, the waved side should face the scalp for the best security

Styling bangs

· You can use a hairdryer and a round brush or straighteners to style bangs

· Curve the bangs towards the face and back

· You can style the together and then separate them at the parting, but I find it easier to do them one at a time

· If using straighteners, be sure to have a light grip to prevent any indentation marks from the irons

· Don’t over curve them when using straighteners, otherwise they will curl. The art is just to slightly bevel the straighteners.

· If they go wrong and you find they aren’t correcting, you will need to leave them to cool before trying to re-style


Back combing hair provides volume and stability within a hairstyle, but if not done correctly, it can cause stress and damage to the hair.

· Firstly, I prefer to use a pin tail comb as opposed to a backcombing brush as it provides more control and the tail helps create precise sections. My favourite pin tail comb is the pro tip 05 (the red comb in the photos above) and is actually one of the cheapest you can find!

· To hold the backcomb in place, use a small amount of volumising powder rather than hairspray before beginning to backcomb (ensure to carefully comb this product out of the hair and wash out properly as it is extremely strong and tacky)

· Have the comb at a 45degree angle to the hair

· Take the comb away from the hair before re-combing so that you are not brushing out the backcomb you have just created and this prevents damage

· Take small sections

· Lightly smooth the outer layer of the hair to hide the backcomb using a comb or backcombing brush

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