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Teaming up with amazing suppliers - Photographer

I'm not sure there is a supplier more important than your photographer on your wedding day. Whether your aim is to get the best posed photos, or some lovely candid shots, you need to make sure the photographer you choose is skilled enough to capture each moment of your special day, whether it's pouring with rain, or beaming sunshine.

I love the style of the following 2 photographers, who are trusted suppliers I have come across.

Immi photography

Specialising in portrait and wedding photography, this company offers beautiful and professional shots. The photos below were taken by Ted at immi photography and as you can see, even on a dull winter's day, Ted managed to capture the perfect photos for Lauren and her husband to treasure forever.

Every photographer has a style, which can be seen by viewing their website and/or social media pages, so take a look for yourself!

Next week, I will tell you all about a company specialising in the added extras you may forget about for your wedding day that just make all the difference.

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