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Styling tips - what material is your towel?

It may sound silly, but the towel you use to dry your hair with can affect the condition of your hair.

Using the right towel helps set you up for styling, so I advise you use a microfibre towel for the following reasons:

· Helps lessen frizz as the microfibre material causes less friction on your strands, keeping the cuticle smooth

· Prevents snags and breakage

· Absorbs water without causing excess dryness

· Won’t leave lint traces

· More gentle on your hair

· Microfibre towels are more durable than cotton towels so are better value for money

The only drawback I have found with microfibre towels are that they must be washed separately to other towels, as you should not use fabric conditioner and the microfibre towels will collect the lint from the cotton towels. With this being the only negative, I think it’s a no-brainer don’t you?!

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