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LET'S TALK PRODUCTS - styling products

Products are the backbone of your style. You can spend all your time on a nice curly do, but as soon as you step foot in the club it drops right? Hair needs stability and structure to have half a chance of surviving your dance moves all day/night.

Mousse by Goldwell and Schwarzkopf


One of my favourite styling products is mousse. Many people find hair mousse old fashioned, but I love sing mousse as it provides hold, volume and definition.

To apply mousse evenly you need to section your hair and comb through using the wider end of an ordinary comb (you’ve probably notice that mousse dissolves in the palms of your hands so when applying with your hands it tends to stick into the first bundle of hair you touch, whereas the comb allows the mousse to cover the hair from root to tip).

For best results, apply mousse to towel dried or slightly rough-dried hair, as water will just dilute the product and the hair can’t absorb as much, so the mousse becomes less effective.

My favourite mousses are:

· Goldwell stylesign glamour whip - for a flexible hold for all hair types, this mousse is great for damaged and dull hair, as it gives volume care and luminosity. With a UV filter it protects against sunlight, heat damage and colour fading.

· Schwarzkopf silhouette flexible hold mousse - a lightweight mousse for all hair types which helps add bounce and volume, whilst giving a natural shine.

· Goldwell stylesign power whip - for hair with fine-normal texture, this mousse has the same benefits as glamour whip with a stronger hold.

· Goldwell stylesign body pumper - a densifying pump foam for all hair types but specifically good for fine or thinning hair as it gives a ‘more hair feeling’ whilst giving a strong yet flexible hold. Again, this mousse has protection against heat damage, UV light and colour fading.

Texturising sprays

If you like your style to look more ‘lived in’, whether that be a boho updo, beach waves or help hold a style on particularly silky hair then you need to add texture to your hair using products.

The texturising sprays I would recommend are:

· Osis volume up spray – not only does this product smell AMAZING, but it is weightless, adding texture, shine and a medium hold all at once.

· Sea salt sprays such as KMS hair play sea salt spray provide fullness and support for a matte finish. To be applied in towel-dried or dry hair.

Dry shampoo

Dry shampoos are extremely common, but to be honest I am not a huge fan because of the following drawbacks:

· It contains alcohol which can be drying on the hair causing the hair to crack and snag when combing, so it promotes breakage.

· Can clog the hair follicles when used too much/often without cleansing the hair, causing folliculitis.

· Can cause seborrheic dermatitis and therefore dandruff, as it leaves oils on the scalp.

Having said that, I do encourage people to use dry shampoo occasionally for the following reasons:

· It increases the length of time needed between washes, so helps get out of the habit for those who wash hair daily

· To use as a texturising spray to enhance a particular style, as it strips the moisture from the hair.

Volumising powder

The best way to add volume, give a matte texture and/or hold a backcomb is with volume root powders. These products must be used sparingly as they are extremely tacky.

Most of the hair up styles I create are aided by volumising powders, and I also use on shorter hair for hold and texture after a blow dry.

The most widely available and well-known powder is Schwarzkopf got2b, which I do use myself. This powder is super strong, super tacky and really does need to be used carefully to avoid ruining the style.

For a more controlled, less strong volumising powder I highly recommend Schwarzkopf Osis soft dust. With pump style packaging, it allows a more specific application, while providing volume, hold and texture.

Schwarzkopf volume and texture products

For more information, or if you would like me to purchase any styling products for you, contact me.

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