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LET'S TALK PRODUCTS - protecting your hair against heat

Heat protection against heated styling is VITAL!

The main way to protect your hair from heat is using products containing heat protector, but I have also listed a few other ways which you may or may not have thought of yourself. Before any heated styling, you MUST use heat protector, whether that be before blow drying, straightening, curling or crimping.

Do you check the instructions on the product before using them? Some heat protectors are for the use on towel dried hair only, dry hair only and others are for both.

Apply heat protector evenly ensuring you comb the hair through and use a type of product you will find easiest to distribute through the hair. I find it easier to run a cream style heat protector on damp hair and spray dry hair but that really is just personal preference.

The heat protectors I recommend

My favourite heat protectors are:

· KMS thermashape straightening crème – to be applied sparingly on towel dried hair only. It contains polymers designed to help shape and support the hair, giving up to 72 hours re-shape retention. It is designed for curly/wavy hair to help keep straight and reduce frizz but in my experience, it is an allrounder and I also use it to help keep a smooth bouncy blow dry.

· Goldwell style sign sleek perfection – a thermal spray serum providing heat protection of up to 200 degrees for the use on dry hair. Provides anti-humidity and adds shine for a glossy finish.

· Schwarzkopf Osis flatliner – this spray is the perfect allrounder, protecting against up to 230 degrees. It can be sprayed on towel dried or dry hair before styling, provides anti-humidity and smoothes/reduces frizz.

Another product which is amazing for reducing heat damage is KMS thermashape quick blow dry. It reduces the drying time of the hair by up to 50% by supporting the evaporation of water. Therefore, the quicker the blow dry, the less heat! The product contains hydrophobic properties that cause wet hair to separate, allowing more air between hair strands, speeding up the drying time when blow drying or air drying. The lightweight spray also contains some conditioning properties, supporting internal reconstruction.

Other tips to reduce heat damage:

· Allow time for your hair to towel dry and air dry before using a hairdryer.

· Think about the tools you are using. I will cover heated styling tools in a later blog, but a way to protect your hair is by using tools with a temperature control dial, so you can alter the amount of heat you apply to your hair depending on your hair type. The finer, more fragile the hair is, the less heat you should be applying to avoid damage.

· Again, I will cover more styling tips in a later blog, but when using a hairdryer; direct the air flow from root to tip to help smooth the cuticle, reducing the need for further styling.

· The correct brush to blow dry with will make all the difference, it can help speed up the drying time, thus needing less heat and will also help smooth out frizz, reducing the need for further styling.

Use the following webpages for more product information, I hope this helps!

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