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LET'S TALK PRODUCTS - finishing products

The last thing you want to do is spend ages perfecting your hairstyle for it to get ruined because you haven’t sealed in the style! Finishing products are just as important as the prep product but can sometimes get forgotten about.

Smoothing products

In my opinion, smoothing products are a must to get the best our of your hairstyle. They smooth the cuticle of the hair, adding shine and stopping moisture from escaping or entering the hair keeping the hair frizz free.

Personally, I prefer smoothing product to be in the form of a cream rather than an oil serum, as the hair coated in oil will burn if restyling/heating the following day.

Smoothing creams

My favourite smoothing creams are:

· Osis tame wild (for use before a blow dry, or can be used on ends of dry hair)

· Goldwell stylesign soft tamer (to be used on dry hair)


Hairspray is amazing stuff when used correctly, but it makes me cringe when I see crispy hair smothered in lacquer (and it’s totally unnecessary)!

Not only does hairsprays provide hold, but if using the right one, they protect against humidity and add shine.

First of all, only use hairspray on dry hair from a distance, and shake the container thoroughly before doing so.

There are 2 types of hairsprays; aerosol and non-aerosol. Aerosols are the most commonly used, and to be honest I think that is just down to habit and the lack of knowledge that non-aerosol hairsprays even exist!

If wanting to spray the whole hair for a general finish, then aerosol hairsprays are fine. However, if you want to concentrate on smaller sections of the hair and to reduce fly-aways then non-aerosol hairsprays are your answer.

If using hairspray on the hair before applying heat, ensure the hair is 100% dry and combed through, otherwise this will fry the hair.

Hairsprays for all occasions

Hairsprays in which I recommend are:

· Aerosol light hold:

- Schwarzkopf silhouette flexible hold

- Goldwell stylesign magic finish

· Aerosol strong hold:

- Schwarzkopf silhouette super hold

- Goldwell stylesign big finish

· Non-aerosol strong hold:

- Schwarzkopf silhouette pump spray

· Non-areosol light hold:

- Goldwell stylesign magic finish non- aerosol

Anti-humidity sprays

These types of finishing sprays do not provide any hold but acts as a weightless umbrella for your hair against humidity and adds shine.

These should be sprayed evenly and from a distance to prevent patches that are over silky/greasy looking. These sprays can be used as well as or instead of smoothing creams that protect against humidity. (I would suggest for coarse, frizzy hair to use in conjunction with the creams, but for finer hair to use the spray instead of cream).

For up to 72 hours protection, I use KMS anti humidity seal or Goldwell diamond gloss.


Wax is a controversial product, but I think it is extremely understated. It is widely used by men, for a textured mattifying finish, but why not use it if you’re female?

I agree that the majority of usage of wax is for shorter hairstyles, but I am also a fan of finishing longer styles with a spray wax.

Wax helps define a style, give texture and a re-mouldable hold.

Wax products by Goldwell and KMS

Waxes I recommend are:

· Goldwell stylesign mellogoo – providing a very light hold and adding shine, this wax is good for up do’s and defining curls.

· Goldwell stylesign roughman – a matte paste, easy to use re-mouldable wax, perfect for short hairstyles on men and women.

· Goldwell unlimitor and KMS dry wax – spray forms of wax allowing a fine and even distribution, for the use on long and short hairstyles.

If you need any advise or want to know how to get the best out of your products, send me an email.

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