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HEATED TOOLS - which tools do I love?



Dyson hairdryer

The Dyson hairdryer is an expensive investment, but in my opinion is totally worth the money for the following reasons:

· Comes with 3 nozzles and more are available separately

· Comes with a matching non-slip heat mat

· Dries the hair smoother

· Dries hair more quickly

· Causes less heat damage

· Adds shine

· Powerful

· Quieter than other hairdryers

· Lightweight

· Compact – easy to travel with

· Various colour available

· 3 heat settings

· 3 speed settings

· Cool shot

Dyson airwrap

Dyson also provide an air wrap. Another expensive model which offers amazing features and easy styling with no extreme heat. Not for everyone, as I have known people not be able to get their head around how to use it, and therefore I would suggest going to your local Dyson department for a trial before you decide to purchase. Like the hairdryer, the device comes with 3 heat settings and speeds, but this model also comes with a box to keep all of the attachments tidy and safe.

This model comes with the following attachments for all round styling:

1. Without attachments the product rough dries hair meaning here is no need for the use of another hairdryer

2. Air wrap barrels – for a curly/bouncy blow dry, the 30mm or 40mm barrels cater for all hair types and lengths.

3. Paddle brush – for a sleek and straight blow dry

4. Round brush – for a straight blow dry with volume and movement

Diva pro styler:

I have used this hairdryer as my go to in the past, but there are pros and cons to this hairdryer including:

· Powerful

· Comes with 2 nozzle attachments

· Affordable

· Heavy

· Bulky

· 3 heat settings

· 3 speed settings

· Cool shot


I haven’t personally used the GHD hairdryers, but I have heard good reviews and have researched their performance and have found:

· Competitive price

· Fairly small

· Fairly lightweight

· Helps smooth and shine

· Nozzle provided

· A couple of models to choose from


Used by many salons and consumers at home, this brand of hairdryer offers a decent quality hairdryer including:

· Different models catering for all

· Provide lightweight models

· Provide compact models

· Competitive prices

· Powerful

· Come with nozzle and more attachments are available

· Helps smooth and shine.

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