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HEATED TOOLS - which tools do I love?


Curling hair can be done in so many ways, but which tools are the best at creating the look you want?

I will list a few of the tong and wands I have used and would recommend, but that doesn’t mean that other brands out there aren’t good.


1. Babyliss pro – these tongs are widely used in salons throughout the UK as they heat up quickly, come in various sizes, feature a temperature control meaning they cater for all hair types and are equipped with a titanium-ceramic barrel, being kinder to your hair than ceramic. These tongs have a fixed barrel, making them more awkward to use than some other brands.

2. GHD tongs – offering an optimum temperature of 185degrees but no temperature control, the tongs provide ultra-zone technology which guarantees the right curling temperature throughout the barrel. GHD tongs come in 2 different sizes with a fixed ceramic barrel, making it less easy to us than brands with an infinity barrel.

3. Lisa Alger ultimate tong – these tongs are not widely recognised as Lisa mainly targets hairstylists as her consumer. This extra length titanium barrel is fast heating and works quickly, meaning less heat is needed to style the hair. They also include a temperature control and can create many types of curl which is made easier and quicker by using its infinity barrel. This tool is by far my favourite, as with it is super easy to use, it’s long 28mm barrel caters for all hair types and lengths and can be used as a wand by fixing the barrel in place or as a tong by turning on the infinity function.


1. Babyliss pro – come in an array of sizes and offer tapered and straight titanium barrels. Like their tongs, the wands come with a temperature control and are a popular choice among salons.

2. GHD – 2 different barrels which create different styles of waves. Like the tongs, they come with ultra-zone technology, supplying even heat throughout the barrel and have a fixed temperature of 185degrees.

3. Cloud nine – Offer 3 sizes; micro (tapered barrel), curling (25mm straight barrel) and waving (38mm straight barrel) which all provide 3 different heat settings and contain a slow-baked barrel for added shine.

4. Mark hill – the Mark hill pick n mix barrels are an amazing way to save money when wanting various sized and styled wands. The interchangeable wand features the option to turn the handle 90degrees form the barrel to make waving the back of your hair easier. I have personally used the Mark Hill wand and it performs extremely well for a high street brand.

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