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HEATED TOOLS - which tools do I love?


Straighteners are widely used by the nation and are so versatile if you have the ability to use them to their full potential. There are hundreds of brands out there selling straighteners, but which ones do I recommend and why?


A very popular choice of straighteners are GHD’s. They are widely used because of their high performance and lasting durability (I have had at least 7 years out of mine in the past)! But are they still top spot with other brands upping their game?

GHD’s come in a range of sizes, meaning they have a pair of irons suited to everyone.

1. The mini styler is great for short hair and are able to get very close to the root so perfect for that wild hair around the face. These straighteners are my favourite for short hair, as I find that other brands do not make a mini straightener that creates a high enough temperature, or I find the plates snag on the hair.

2. The V gold classic styler is a very good option for all hair types and lengths, and I love these to create a trendy wave on mid-length hairstyles, or a tight curl on longer hair.

3. The max styler is my absolute favourite, as it saves so much time when styling longer hair as the wide plates heat more hair at once. I also prefer the loose, bouncy curl these irons create compared to the classic styler.

4. The platinum irons are the size in between the original and thee max stylers, I personally think these straighteners create the nicest waves and curls but I am not a huge fan of using them to straighten hair.

GHD stylers

The drawback to GHD straighteners is that there is no way of controlling the temperature, meaning they are a ‘one straightener fits all’ which could compromise the condition for finer and fragile hair types.

Cloud nine

Cloud nine has become a huge brand in the hair industry, and rightly so. Their tools are on trend and they are constantly evolving the technology. Although I don’t own these straighteners, after hearing good reviews, I have researched into them and would definitely consider purchasing them in the future. As with GHD’s, cloud nine have a few different size straighteners on offer:

1. The micro iron, again for shorter hair and great for face framing hair. There is no temperature control on these irons, and they have a maximum heat of 150degrees, meaning they are more gentle on the hair than GHD mini stylers. The only drawback to this would be if you have particularly thick or unruly hair, I would worry that they would not smooth the hair to its full potential.

2. The original iron, has a temperature control of 100-200degrees, making them perfect for all hair types. They will give the same size curls and waves as. The GHD original styler.

3. The wide iron, again perfect for longer, thicker hair to speed up styling time and give a nice, bouncy curl. The same as the original iron by cloud nine, these straighteners have a temperature control of 100-200degrees.

Cloud nine irons

Personally, I would say that comparing the cloud nine to the GHD straighteners there is not too many dissimilarities, the prices are similar but the main factor is the temperature control on the cloud nine’s making them my preferred choice for the original and wide irons. However, I prefer the style, shape and heat settings of the GHD mini styler, and the platinum GHD’s have no comparison to the cloud nine range.

Loreal Steampod 3.0

Not many people are familiar with these straighteners, and I am also yet to try them. Having said that I have seen results for myself and after much research I am amazed by this product! They work exactly as the title suggests – with steam!

The drawback to these straighteners is that they are pricey but judging by the results and looking into the technology they seem like they’re worth every penny!

The straightener creates 2x smoother hair and offer a reduced colour fading compared to other brands. It creates sleek hair 2x faster and lasts longer with up to 78% less heat damage as well as featuring heat control from 180-210degrees.

Loreal Steampod 3.0

This is not to say that you need to go out and buy a new pair of straighteners now, but if your irons have seen better days, or you are needing something to put on the birthday list, I would definitely recommend you think about these brands!

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