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CUTTING - how is a haircut so beneficial?

The benefits of getting a haircut:

· Keeps hair fresh

· Takes away split ends

· Maintains health and shine

· Easier to styles

· Makes hair look thicker

· Prevents single strand knots

· Easier to detangle- reducing further breakage

· Removes frizzy fly away hairs

· Helps retain length because hair isn’t broken

· Maintains a style/shape in the hair

Myths of split ends:

1. Treatments can’t repair split ends. (The use of treatments are still important as they repair, rebuild and strengthen hair that is not split)

2. Trimming ends helps maintain healthy hair by removing split ends so that hair does not split further up the hair. This means that trimming hair doesn’t make your hair grow faster, but the hair will be stronger and therefore be able to get longer.

How long should you leave between haircuts?

There is a usual guideline of people getting their hair cut every 6 weeks. For me, this is. Far too general as the frequency of haircuts depend on many factors.

So, as a rough guide I usually suggest the following:

· Men’s hairstyles need to be trimmed every 1-4 weeks to keep its style.

· Short hairstyles require more maintenance to keep its shape. I usually suggest every 4-6 weeks for this.

· Coloured hair undergoes chemical stress and I would suggest depending on hair strength, texture and type of colour used, a trim every 6-10 weeks.

· Hair undergoing a lot of heated styling often will incur a lot of damage, so will also need to be trimmed every 6-10 weeks.

· For longer hair not needing a particular shape to keep, which does not have any or much heat or chemical damage can be trimmed every 8-12 weeks depending on hair strength/texture.

Of course, these time frames are dependent on the client’s lifestyle and personal preference, but I wouldn’t cut hair unnecessarily if wanting to grow the length, so if the hair can wait for a trim, then do!

Book in for a hair cut now!

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