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COLOURING HAIR - protecting your precious locks from colour damage


This treatment is a must have when colouring and lightening hair.

For an additional £10-15 on your colour service, I offer this 2 step treatment to help protect the hair from chemical damage.


Protection Serum Penetrates the hair and protects the hair fibre from within during the alkaline bleaching, colouring process. As a result it prevents hair breakage.


Nourishing Fortifier

Is a rich, intensive treatment, which reinforces the bonds in the hair. The hair fibre is strengthened and deeply nourished.

The benefits of using BONDPRO+:

Superior reliability for maximum confidence - no visible dilution of lightening and colour performance

• Hair is revitalised and deeply nourished

• Hair looks & feels significantly healthier Strengthens the hair fibre & supports bond stability Prevents breakage during alkaline services and protects hair from damage

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