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COLOURING HAIR - ombre and balayage, what is the difference!?


A beautifully multi-tonal and bespoke creation, being as subtle or as bold as you wish. Leaving the roots as virgin hair, or artificially colouring, this type of hair colour is low maintenance, effectively causing less damage than other types of colouring. I don’t believe that these styles are ever going to go out of fashion, as they are so versatile!


A French word meaning to sweep or paint. It is a highlighting technique, usually freehand that creates. A soft and natural looking hair colour.

Reverse balayage

This is the technique used to create a balayage from lighter hair by darkening the roots and blending the toned through.


A French word meaning shaded or shading, creating darker roots which gradually gets lighter through mid-lengths and ends.


A more subtle, softer type of ombre with less contrast between tones, provides a more low maintenance colour. It works particularly well for brunettes adding caramel, blonde, golden and honey tones in the ends.

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