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COLOURING HAIR - colour transformations

Colour changes

Colour changes are one of my favourite things to do, despite the challenge, they are really exciting. Having said that, as a hairstylist I will only colour hair if the condition allows me to, and I advise against any harsh or unnecessary colouring to maintain its health.

Although I love to encourage change and explore new idea, I do however, like to make sure that clients wanting a colour change, have considered the change carefully and thought of the following:

1. If you have had one particular colour for a. long time (or even forever), big changes may be better to do more gradually as in my experience, the shock can make a person dislike the change.

2. Will this change dramatically compromise the condition of your hair?

3. Is the change actually achievable? If you have very. Dark/black hair, it is extremely hard/verging on impossible to achieve a cool blonde without damaging the hair.

4. Quite often, colour changes will not happen in one sitting and must be a gradual process. Are you willing to be patient and wait for your dream hair?

5. Will your skin tone suit the new colour? You want to feel fabulous with the hair you wear, the last thing you want is to look washed out or drained!

6. How long do you intend to keep the new colour for? If the answer if not long, then changing the colour back to how it was originally may be difficult and/or may take a while.

7. If your desired colour consists of pieces of a different colour e.g flashes of blonde or pink, have you considered adding hair extensions instead of changing your real hair?

8. Does the new colour require more upkeep? If so, can your hair cope with the added amount of stress/colour, can you afford this, and do you have time for this?

If the answer to all of these questions still leads you to change your hair colour, my advice would be – go for it!

To book in for a colour consultation and/or appointment, contact me.

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