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BRIDAL HAIR - winter weddings

Why are winter weddings so understated in the UK?! Let’s face it, you could book your wedding in July, expecting bright sunshine, hot weather and a light breeze, when in reality it’s probably going to rain! The stress brides undergo when booking a summer wedding and hoping the ceremony can take place outside, paying extra to do so, when all this may have to change on the day.

I mean it’s lucky for it to rain on your wedding day, so why not up the chances by booking your big day when it’s almost guaranteed to do so?! (at least you know what you’re in for)!

What could be more romantic than a festive wedding? The deep colours, the decorations, the spirit.

Lauren had this attitude and had her dream day on 21st December 2019 at the Old Kent Barn. I think we can all agree that she and her squad looked absolutely stunning!

Makeup was done by Jade Michael MUA, who I have worked with on a few weddings now and she is amazing. If you want a super soft but super glam look created by someone who is kind, relatable and professional, then I highly recommend Jade.

I enjoyed every minute of Lauren’s bridal prep and judging by her lovely review, I think she did too!

“Jess was recommended by a friend for doing wedding hair (for me, my bridesmaids and my mum). She was absolutely brilliant! She came to the house to do a trial - worked with our original ideas, tweaking and adapting to suit each person’s preferences and hair type. Jess is so lovely and really fitted in, feeling like one of the girls! I also contacted her to discuss my hair vine that I was having made and her advice was brilliant. Everything came together beautifully on the day. Thank you Jess! Strongly recommend to anyone!!”

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