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BRIDAL HAIR - choosing the right hairstyle for your wedding day

Choosing the hairstyle for your wedding day takes a lot of time to consider all of the factors affecting the perfect style for you. Your wedding hair is completely personal and once taking the following into account, it will create a bespoke style for your special day.

Factors to consider:

· Hair colour

· Hair type

· How you feel comfortable wearing your hair / any insecurities you may have

· Accessories and jewellery you are considering wearing

· Face shape

· Season

· Dress (detail, style, neckline)

· Theme of your wedding

Hair colour

Multi-tonal and lighter hair colours showcase a style to its full potential if the style is extremely detailed. Therefore, the same style on a brunette compared to a highlighted blonde would look completely different, so bare this in mind when browsing through styles you like the look of. Brunette styles are stunning with a classic sleek style such as a simple chignon or Hollywood waves, whereas a textured romantic bun would look amazing on a blonde. This is not to say the opposites won’t be pretty, but when browsing for ideas I suggest looking for photos on ladies with a similar hair colour to yourself.

Hair type

This relates to the length, thickness and texture of the hair the longer and more dense the hair, the more possibilities there are. When choosing styles. For finer and/or shorter hair, this can be rectified using hair extensions.

How you feel comfortable wearing your hair

You want to feel like yourself on your big day, so you need to choose a style you can feel comfortable with. It may help considering how you choose to wear your hair on a night out and on a daily basis.

Do you have an insecurities? You need to choose a style which makes you feel amazing and confident, for example I don’t like my ears to be showing so I would choose a style which covers them.


If you plan to wear a necklace, earrings, hair accessories and/or a veil, think about how the hairstyle will affect this. The last thing you want to do is hide the beautiful earrings you’ve bought especially or choose a style which doesn’t compliment your accessories or has no place for a veil to sit. A way around this would be to choose your jewellery and decide on your accessories after your hairstyle, but of course, this is not always possible.

Face shape

There are 6 main face shapes, and these will affect which types of hairstyles will suit you. Below will list the shapes and suggest which styles would be most flattering and ones to avoid:

· Oval: Can get away with all styles, but avoid lots of height

· Square: Soft styles including texture, waves and a side parting, but avoid tight up-dos.

· Round: Down hairstyles, loose styles with face framing, avoid sleek styles

· Heart: Face framing waves are perfect, but avoid too much height or slick hairstyles

· Long: Side buns, side partings, up-dos at the mid section and volume at the sides are best, but avoid middle partings

· Diamond: Height and volume styles and down styles suit best, but avoid all hair being back.


The time of year can affect your style choice, depending on your hairs texture. Imagine your hair going frizzy when it’s humid, or your curls dropping in the heat. If it is likely to be windy, try to find a style which is more secure to improve its durability.


Think about how your dress sits, as the neckline plays a really important part when choosing the right hairstyle. Spending lots of money on your dream dress is pointless if your hair covers its detail. You also need to think of the style of the dress, as a simple and plain dress will be more suited to a classic, clean and sleek hairstyle, whereas a dress with more detail may be complimented by hair with more texture and detail.

Wedding theme

Finally, the theme of your big day should be considered when choosing a bridal hairstyle. If your theme is glamorous and glitzy then a neat, smooth style may be preferable, whereas more undone, boho hairstyles would suit a rustic theme.

For help choosing the right wedding hairstyle, or to book a trial, contact me.

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