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BRIDAL HAIR - being a bridal hairstylist

Why do I love bridal hairstyling so much?

Although the job is demanding, pressured and challenging, I love hairstyling for many reasons. The main benefit for me is making bride’s feel confident, and special.

Being a bridal stylist is a big deal, and each stylist has their own brand/style. This means that I totally understand that whilst being the right stylist for one bride, I will not be as suited to another. No matter how different they may be, each and every wedding I work at are equally important, and I think I will always be so excited to be a part of it.


For me, my life revolves around routine and structure. Maybe this is something that I love about being a wedding hairstylist, as there is always a schedule which needs to be followed to ensure the bridal party are ready on time.

The usual structure I like to follow on a wedding morning is:

· Prep the bride’s hair

· Style bridesmaid(s) hair

· Style/blow dry MOB, MOG and any other bridal party’s hair

· Style bride’s hair

· Finishing touches

This routine has worked perfectly alongside MUA’s and photographer’s and the general getting ready of the bridal party. I have found that having this structure keeps everything flowing and everyone relaxed, after all, the bride wants to enjoy her morning so I do all I can to enhance that.

Timings are crucial on the wedding morning, and these can be worked out after a trial has taken place. This is one of the reasons bridal trials are so important!

More than just hairstyling:

If styling the hair on the wedding day isn’t enough, there are so many more jobs to do before the day to make sure I’ve done all I can to make it perfect including:

· Practise and develop skills to keep on trend using online video tutorials, and attending masterclasses

· Recommend other wedding suppliers including MUA, Florist, Photographer and Accessory companies

· Recommend extensions if they are required

· Lengthy bridal trials to ensure we are all set down to the fine details

· Keep in touch with the bride via email

· Keep up with accounts, making sure the bride knows exactly how much to pay and when to help keep her stress levels to a minimum

· Updating my social media and website content with styles, and tips for clients

· Run through how each lady in the bridal party should prep their hair before the big day

· Pack more than enough equipment to ensure I am able to style everyone’s hair (and any extras who may add onto the day unexpectedly if I have time)

· Ensure I have planned the most efficient route to the venue, make sure my car is ready to go and leave plenty of time in case of traffic, helping the morning run smoothly and stress free!

Early starts

Most wedding ceremony’s take place between 12pm and 2pm, so depending on the size of the bridal party, it is most likely going to be an early start! I can’t say I am a fan of getting out of bed in the mornings (especially in the dark), but for a wedding it is totally worth it!


Testimonials go a long way, and they mean so much to any wedding supplier. Personally, they help me develop and give me encouragement. Your kind words also help future brides gain trust in their suppliers before they have met for themselves. So please think, just a few minutes after your special day to appreciate your suppliers will mean the world!

View my website for information on bridal hairstyling.

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