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BRIDAL HAIR - a guide to choosing the right accessories

Accessories can make or break a hairstyle, so they need to be chosen carefully. First of all, think of your wedding theme, is it glamorous? Rustic? Boho? The list goes on.

Then think of your hairstyle, is it up? Down? Half up? Messy? Sleek?

The colour of your hair also plays a huge part, as you want the accessories to stand out and compliment the hair colour.

Pin accessories and vine worn as a headband

· Pins - are extremely pretty and versatile. They can be scattered or bunched to suit the hairstyle

· Vine – can be placed around the head on a hair up, or can sit vertically down a long hairstyle

· Tiara – a more traditional bridal hair accessory which is usually used to compliment a bridal bump (quiff)

· Headband – can be dainty or heavy, and can compliment a hair up, half up or a down hairstyle

· Comb clip – the detail is focused in this one area with these accessories, which is great for drawing attention to a focal part of the hairstyle

Handmade floral comb clip

· Flower crown – these can be using fresh or artificial flowers

· Fresh flowers – these will be sure to tie in with your theme as they will match the bouquets and make an extremely pretty hair accessory, can be scattered or bunched to suit the hairstyle

Fresh flower accessories
Veil sitting above hairstyle

· Veil – a traditional and popular accessory which can be placed above or below the hairstyle. You must consider where it will be placed on your head in accordance to your hairstyle as this will affect how the veil will sit. For example, if placing the veil at the nape, the veil won’t fan over your shoulders or be able to be pulled over your face. Veils are beautiful, varying in length, styles and detail to set off your dress perfectly, but they can also hide your hairstyle. Because of this, some brides wear their veil for just half of the day (something to think about).

Accessories can help to add colour, sparkle and/or details to your bridal hairstyle, so choosing these finishing touches are extremely important, so here are a few bridal accessory companies I would recommend:

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